First Doctors Appointment!!

11:23 am by Janelle. Filed under: News

We went to the doctor this morning and it was great…well, i mean not the most fun I’ve ever had or anything but everything went well. I thought i had been gaining weight but it turns out i have lost about 6 or 7 pounds!! Probably from being sick and I think i am just losing muscle and gaining FAT :) My due date as of now is August 5, 2007! The doctor was good, we liked him. I am not sure what else to say about it because i am sure you do not want to know ALL the details…The next appointment is set for the 2nd of February and i get to hear the heartbeat then, that will be exciting! My first trimester will almost be over then too and so hopefully i can stop taking these NASTY anti-nausea pills! Everyone keeps telling me the second trimester is better so i hope that it is! Then maybe i will forget about all the sick days and want to have another kid someday ;)

Well, i love you all and hope you are doing well! Take care!!

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