Happy Memorial Day!

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YAY! It’s Friday! These weeks just keep going by so fast…which is nice because i love the weekends and because then we get to meet our baby sooner…but I need to just enjoy this time where it is just me and Shaun and where i can take this baby anywhere and he doesn’t cry! I know life is going to change a lot in a few months but we are both excited! (by the way, there are pictures from both Sacramento trips in our webshots gallery…nothing too exciting though!)

We went to the midwives this week for an appointment and it was great. I had to take my glucose test so I drank this orange soda that was not nearly as bad as I had heard! Then we met with one of the midwives and she was awesome! She sat and talked to us for about 45 minutes about the way they do things and what we wanted and everything. It was a huge change from our OBGYN. She measured my belly and checked the heart beat and all looks and sounds normal so far. She also felt to see where the baby was and right now he is head down but he is posterior, so facing forward. Hopefully he will flip over in the next 2 months! I’ve been doing my cat and cow yoga poses so hopefully that helps :)

Also, we just finished our 3rd week of Lamaze classes. We just have next week and we are done. I think this has been more of a”learn what happens in Labor and birth” class than a Lamaze class…but I guess it is helpful to be informed and to inform the husbands of what goes on too! We got a tour of the hospital and got to see the nursery and there was one baby who was only a few hours old…SO TINY AND PRECIOUS!! I know Shaun LOVES going to this 2.5 hours long class every week but he has been such a good sport! He is wonderful to me!

This weekend we are going camping with Dave and Susan Redding. Hopefully it is fun and I am not miserable!  we are going down to Pine Lake which is right outside of Bryce Canyon. The camp ground looks nice and so we are hoping to have a relaxing weekend.

I hope all of you have a great Memorial Day weekend as well! WE LOVE YOU!

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