New Pictures!

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Hi There! I put up a ton of new pictures…there are some from our trip to California and then some from when Preston was first born that I found on my parents computer. He has come a long way, wow, some of those newborn pictures are pretty scary.

We went to the doctor today for Preston’s 2 month check up and he looks great. He now weighs 12.2 lbs and is 23 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for height and head size and 75th for weight. He was smiling and talking to the doctor…it was so dang cute!

Our trip to California was SO fun! The plane ride was fine. Preston was so good and he just slept most of it. Then while we were back there he got to see 4 of his great grandparents and a great aunt and uncle…and several cousins. We went up to apple hill and got sick off of caramel apples, apple cider milk shakes, and caramel and chocolate covered marshmallows. It was so fun to be up at apple hill. It really felt like fall!

Well, now we are back in Utah and back to our day to day schedule. We were happy to see Shaun at the airport, and he did a great job of cleaning up the house for us :) I never really know what to write on here…so forgive me if I bore you most of the time. I try to add picture so that you will all keep coming back because I know it isn’t my writing skills that you are all so impressed with. I hope you are all having a great day! Love you.


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