3 months!

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Today Preston is three months old! It seems weird to me that he is that old already but at the same time it seems like he has been here forever and that he should be walking and talking already! He is one super cute crazy kid! Here is a picture of him in his cute pumpkin hat…and my new do! 100_0573

His head looks so little in that hat! I guess that what you get for having parents with pea heads! Oh well! I’m not sure what we are going to do for Halloween, maybe just dress up and hand out candy, but I think the only people who’ll come over are the Warrens and their two crazy kiddo’s. I am a big fan of dressing up though, so any chance I get I am all for it. I have an insane leather, fringe, crop black jacket that I discovered in my Grandma Strazzo’s closet. It is quite a jewel. Although I left all of my dress up clothes in my parents garage, this I had to bring with me…so I think I will be a biker chick and get some use out of it. I’ll post some pictures of me in the leather fringe and 1980’s black tapered jeans that fit like a glove…It’s one hideous outfit, but its the only time of year I can get away with it :)

Well, the baby is sleeping so I should probably do something productive before Shaun gets home so that he doesn’t realize that I am getting absolutely nothing done all day while he’s working :) I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!


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