It’s November!

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First, how cute is this little outfit…this is Preston in an outfit that his daddy used to wear when he was his age! So precious!

Wow, I really cannot believe that it is November already! That is insane! All year I have been dreading the holidays because the sights and smells remind me of being REALLY sick last year and just hearing Christmas music would bring back the nausea…sounds a little extreme but I seriously would get sick to my stomach thinking about Christmas! However, as it is getting closer I am slowly easing into things and I think the having a whole year to recuperate has definitely helped. I am finally not feeling sick thinking about Christmas anymore! That is such a relief!

Well, Halloween came and went, and it really wasn’t all that exciting. Preston isn’t really old enough to realize what is going on and why he is dressed up in a hot dog outfit so we just handed out candy to the handful of kids that dropped by. Shaun had to work so he didn’t get home until about 9 so it turned out to be just like any other night except with a few more knocks on the door. Oh well, maybe next year Preston will be able to appreciate it a little more…and if not then, I am sure the next year he will get the hang of Halloween!

Today Preston was weighed and measured and he is up to 13 lb 6 oz and he is 24 1/4 inches long…so he is just growing like a weed! That makes me happy because I am always freaking out if he doesn’t eat a certain amount of times in a day or for a certain period of time each feeding…I just need to relax a little. He pees a lot and is growing fine! Well, I hope your Halloween was fantastic! I am going to join my husband watching the Suns and the Lakers…Go Phoenix and Steve Nash!


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