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february08 051We just returned from Portland and had a great time! We seemed to have come at the perfect time too…we experience absolutely NO rain!! How did that happen? Apparently the entire winter is usually spent either in the rain or under cloudy skies, but we had beautiful sunny days. Perfect. We stayed with Cooper and Alisha and their two adorable girls, Jenelle and Meri. Preston loved hanging out with other kids, and especially loved chewing up any piece of paper or food that anyone left lying around. He’s a nut, we can’t let him alone for even a minute! My favorite part: while changing Preston’s diaper Jenelle (2 1/2 years old) said, “He has a tail.” She’s a crack up. You can tell she only has a sister!

While up there we also were able to visit Shaun’s grandma and grandpa Edwards and my grandpa McGagin. Now Preston has met all of his great-grandparents! We had fun and took lots of pictures….so I’ll put some up once I get them onto the computer. On february08 048our last night we all went to Claim Jumpers and ordered desserts. Shaun and I shared the “I Declair.” It was the BIGGEST eclair I had ever seen…in my life. Probably the size of a football. It was amazing, though we probably don’t want to eat another eclair for a long time. We stuffed ourselves, then kept eating. I hate when I do that, but I just couldn’t stop. Being in Portland was fun…it was fun to see all the places Shaun used to hang out and where he grew up, but it’s also nice to be back in our own bed with Preston in the other room!


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