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It has been awhile. Right now i am typing with one hand while I hold Preston facing the other direction, watching baby Einstein so he doesn’t bang on the keyboard. Somehow he always manages to open or close things on the computer and I never have any idea what he pushed or how to fix it…so we just try and avoid his little mitts coming in contact with the keys.

A few new things going on right now are these…Preston got his first top tooth! It just barely poked through…We were able to get a new car! We purchased a 2005 Corolla so we hope it’ll last us a LONG time. Shaun was offered a job…which is a HUGE relief! Since most of California cities are experiencing major budget issues a lot of employees have been laid off. Folsom had to lay off about 10% of their employees. Luckily the city manager was watching out for Shaun and he was able to switch Shaun over to the utilities department! Finding a job has been really hard and pretty frustrating so this was a huge blessing…especially because it has benefits!! Hooray for finding a good doctor! I think that’s about all the news we’ve got.

Lastly, here are some of Preston’s newest faces…which he makes all the time.

(PS my captions are always under the pictures…if you get confused…)

June 2008 029

This isn’t the whole face…just the tail end. I’ll have to capture the whole scrunchy face one of these days!

June 2008 028

With this one he says, “Oooooh.”

June 2008 009

This is what he does when he is being shy…

June 2008 019

And here he is while dad’s covering him with pillows!

Sorry there are no pictures of us…but I think the family would rather see Preston pictures :) Oh yeah, and he is 10 months old now!!! How crazy is that?!


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