Yes, more Preston pictures…

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I have so many pictures of Preston on here…and I am sure to you they all look the same! I was trying to take some pictures in natural light outside but I couldn’t get Preston to look at me! He could hear me but totally acted like I didn’t exist…so I only got one of him actually looking at me. After awhile of being ignored I got annoyed and cut the picture session short! The light is really yellow (it isn’t too noticeable in these) because of the smoke from the fires all over California. Every evening as the sun sets it is this hot pink-orange. Pretty neat…not that the state is burning up…but the color of the sun. Anyway, here are some MORE pictures of our handsome boy!!

Juneagain08 089

Standing ALL by himself!

Juneagain08 091

Playing in the garden, acting like he can’t hear me.

Juneagain08 087

The only glance I got.

Disclaimer: I know I said that I was going to put some of “my work” on here, in regards to photography…I haven’t started that quite yet so no need to critique ALL the pictures I post :)


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