On top of the WORLD!

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I just found a few more pictures from our trip to Utah that I think Shaun’s family might enjoy!


A birthday gift from Uncle Christer, Aunt Cat, and Addison…he LOVES this toy!

While at Shaun’s parents house his dad asked if we wanted to drive to the top of a mountain. I thought, “oh, that would be fun!” Shaun’s mom brought a book for the drive, and for GOOD reason too! The drive up was pretty long, mostly on a narrow gravel road, on the edge of HUGE cliffs. I mean, seriously. I almost messed my pants a few times. I am a pretty paranoid person, and all I kept picturing was the van getting too close to the edge, tires spinning shooting gravel into the air, and us tipping over, tumbling thousands of feet to our tragic death. I know, dramatic. It turns out Shaun’s dad is a pretty good driver so we are all still here and alive, obviously.

Once we got to the top it was beautiful. Well, we all agreed that the Great Salt Lake isn’t necessarily a looker, it’s actually pretty ugly, but it was neat to be up so high and the other side of the mountain had a pretty view. So here we are, on top of the world.


Shaun with his pops


Preston and daddy


Preston and grandpa


Teaching Preston how to throw rocks.


Here is a picture I took of the edge of the road near the top. We thought it would be nice to show people what we were driving by and how deep these canyons were…these look like tiny hills. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not this one.


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