Gold Country

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This week we decided to go explore the foothills and see where gold was discovered. We drove up to Coloma and saw Sutter’s Mill and a few other historical sites. The city was pretty dead, probably because it was a Tuesday morning…

August2008 010

Shaun and Preston at the James Marshall monument

August2008 005

Getting a history lesson

August2008 034

Preston looking into this super old church…

it was an interesting trip, kind of hard with a baby…all he wanted to do was sit down and rub his hands in the dirt…especially creepy in the old cemetery! We mostly drove around to look at the sites because there was no one tending any of the toll booths at the different parking lots but they had boxes and signs that said to pay your dues to use the park…don’t you hate those? There is no one working the booth so I feel like i don’t have to pay but I can never just not pay so I just end up parking for a minute and then driving away. Maybe if it didn’t look like the whole place was closed down I would have forked out the $4.


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