Dad’s Work Partay!

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My dad has worked at Farmers Rice Corporation for years and years…and years..over 20 years I am pretty sure. In all that time I doubt any of our family had ever gone to visit him at the mill (I mean, the fact that he usually works graveyard shift doesn’t help.) Still to this day I think my mom has yet to see his office. It sounds weirder on paper here than it actually is, i think? Once when i was a kid I wanted to see what my dad did so he loaded me up in our Chevy Family Wagon (huge blue van that had the raised roof with just enough space to fit a teensy TV and VCR…we were the envy of all our classmates on field trip days…) and I went with him to work. I got to see the office and switch boards and even got to go down into the mill…then I slept in the van the rest of the night. That is the extent of seeing dad at work. So, for the first time since we can remember, the rice mill had an employee appreciation BBQ. We got to meet the voices on the phone who call for dad as well as the others that dad has talked about for years. It was a lot of fun! The centerpieces were bags of rice along with bundles of rice plants…how sad that none of us really knew what rice looked like before it’s processed!


Here is the rice plant…for all others who are unaware! And disregard the demolished plate of ribs…


With pops in front of the mill.


Kelsey and dad, sort of.

It was fun. We had a good time. Hooray for rice!


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