Long day!

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I haven’t had a day where I was going, going, going for a long time. Kelsey and I signed up for the HOT pink 5K in Roseville to support Breast Cancer research, so this morning we woke up and ran that. It was fun being there and running with everyone. I love races. Not because I am good at them, but because there is something about the atmosphere there that makes them so exciting. Plus, you get a shirt and a goodie bag, I mean, come on.

Shaun and Preston came out to watch us and cheer us across the finish line! Thanks guys, I Love You!!



After the race we rushed home, changed and headed up to Auburn for a Prop 8 Rally. It was nice to see that there are other people out there, all involved in the same cause. And we need to fight, not just go out and put our vote in, that may not be enough. We need to fight for what we want and know to be right and true. We aren’t doing this to be discriminatory, but our rights will be imposed upon if this does not pass.

A law professor (from BYU…go cougars!) told a story of a doctor who, when asked by a homosexual to perform in vitro fertilization, said it was not in line with his religious beliefs to do that but gave her a referral to a great doctor who would. She went and had it done but came back to sue the first doctor for discriminating against her. She won the case and the doctor had to either go against his religious beliefs and help homosexuals get pregnant or lose his ability to practice medicine. This is really scary. Does he not have a right to practice his religion on days other than Sunday? When people say, “what’s the big deal? Just let them get married. Who cares.” They don’t realize that this affects so much more than just letting two people who love each other get married. They will not stop there. Everything will become a law suit and before we know it, God and religion will be cut out of everything.

I could go on and on…but I won’t. Perhaps in another blog. Just beware, you might hear a lot about this in the next month. I am going to try to do all I can and hopefully Heavenly Father will help with the rest!

Sooo….anyway, after the rally i went and helped shoot a bride and groom and now I am TIRED! And that’s the story of my long day. So, I’m going to bed. Have a good night!


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