To grandmother’s house we go…

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While Shaun had a training in Bakersfield this past week, Preston and I went out to visit his family in Kaysville. We had a lot of fun hanging out with grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunt, and cousin! Here is our week in pictures:


Preston was always saying “outside?” he wanted to run up and down the street, so we spent a lot of time outside playing in the yard. Luckily it was awesome weather.


He was running pretty much all the time it felt like. How do they do it? No wheezing for air or stopping for breaks…


We went to a fun pumpkin patch…the funny part was that we got there and wondered why it was so crowded and busy. It turns out they were having a “neighborhood party” aka a ward party and one lady told us they could invite friends and family so we could be her friend. We got a free hay ride and free pumpkins, what a deal!


Preston and Addison looking thrilled during their first pumpkin patch experience.


Grandma and Preston got to read lots of books together!


We went to Heritage Park where Brigham Young put down his cane and said, “This is the place.” There is a little village full of old pioneer homes that have either been reconstructed or relocated. Kids were having a great time in their costumes making candles, dolls, and all sorts of crafts…there were tons of animals…just so much to do. If you live or visit out there in Salt Lake I would totally recommend going there. It’s really neat!


Preston waiting in the parking garage at the church office building for grandpa.


Uncle Taylor tried to sway Preston toward Lacrosse…


And here are the grandparents with their grandbabies!!

We had a lot of fun and it passed by way too quickly!


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