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I finally got some pictures on here…so there may be quite a few…maybe more than a few! Oh well,  here is our Christmas documented in pictures.

Before heading out to Utah we visited a well-known court in our area that is always lit up and decorated for Christmas. Each house usually has a theme and below is Preston LOVING the Disney house…

Christmas 2008 009

Here is a favorite of the beautiful Amy…who is getting more and more pregnant…and her husband Burgess. They’re cute.

Christmas 2008 026a

Here is the smiliest baby…but one who can also give the best stink-eye…Preston’s cousin Addison with her awesome bib from Dan…Preston got one with cowboy boots all over it. Good pick Dan.

Christmas 2008 037

Preston loved riding grandma’s exercise bike with Aunt Kerstin…

Christmas 2008 057

He couldn’t keep his little mitts off the piano!

Christmas 2008 075

Just playing with mom…

Christmas 2008 080

All bundled up walking through downtown Salt Lake. We went to Temple square and it was FREEZING! I keep thinking it’s cold here, in the mornings and evenings especially. I forgot what cold is. It’s COLD in Utah!!

Here are some pictures from Temple square.

Christmas 2008 083a

Christmas 2008 086

Christmas 2008 088a

This was the first time he actually let us put on his dog hat and gloves. Adorable.

Christmas 2008 098

Christmas 2008 103

And then we had our trip home. Long. Very long.

There are these rest stops in the middle of the salt flats that i have always wanted to stop at. It looks like they were constructed in the 1950’s and the one on the eastbound side of the freeway has this ramp up to a lookout point. We decided to stop at one and take a look. They had a “foot wash” there…Kind of random, i thought. Do people want to wash their feet after a long drive? Do they go out and play in the salt flats and come back to wash their feet? This sign left me coming up with lots of different reason people might want a foot wash in the middle of nowhere. Any other answers?

Christmas 2008 198a

And last, our cute boy with some crazy static hair.

Christmas 2008 207


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