Picture Filled Week

11:33 am by Janelle. Filed under: News

A TON has gone on this last week…what I mean mostly is that I have a lot of pictures from the week to post, which usually means some picture-worthy things happened. Preston’s first beach trip, Aunt Cat and cousin Addison have been in town visiting from Utah, and my feet are pruney and muscles aching because I just got home from my first HALF MARATHON! WOW. Did I seriously do that? Kelsey and I had doubts…a lot of them…but we finished and it’s an awesome feeling! I have always wanted to run a full marathon but you know what? I think half marathons are pretty great. I may just stick to those! Good job Kelsey and Trish who ran with me!! And THANKS to Shaun, Preston, Dad, Cat, Addison, Jami, Tim, Jackson, Nolan, Glen and Aaron who came to cheer us on! It really helped a ton! I’ll post more from the week later.




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