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The other night we were saying our family prayer. Shaun was saying it and usually Preston will chime in with the last word of every sentence, like he is saying the prayer. Well this time in the middle of the prayer Preston said all on his own, “And bishop” meaning for us to bless the bishop. We were so proud. Then he went on to name, “and nana, and jami, jami J house, gamma………and Mater, Lightning, Thomas (the train…) Percy…” and went on to name many of his other “friends.” We were dying. It was so cute. I love this talking thing…he really says some of the funniest things already.

We had a young women activity where we dressed up like princesses so my hair was all curled. When I got home Preston touched my hair and said, “Mommy scary. Mommy hair scary.” I can’t wait to hear all the funny things this kid has to say!


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