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So, I’m pretty sure I was supposed to have a baby last week…right? Okay, okay…so due dates aren’t necessarily when the kid is “due.” They are just an estimation…but still. I’m ready, or as ready as I think I am going to be! I think it’ll be soon. I hope!

So, here I am at 40 weeks 2 days.


I am next to her crib…you can kind of see her cute tulip bedding…though she doesn’t really have a room. The crib is in our upstairs “loft” area…hence all the Preston pictures. We wouldn’t really fill her room with Preston…though I should probably think about adding her to the mix once she’s here huh? I will.

And here is Preston playing in all sister’s pinkness.



Well, let us hope she decides to come soon!

AND I decided that getting a new blog template was long overdue too…so here’s what I’ve got for now…it may change…who knows! I was getting sick of looking through all the options!


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