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Forgive me for not posting anything at all really for the past couple weeks! Our computer broke down and we are STILL in the process of fixing it. Oh it’s a headache. But hopefully we will have some more pictures up soon. I have taken a bunch so it may be somewhat of an overload once I get things up and running, so beware.

Other than computer problems, Preston and Ada are doing well! At her two week appointment Ada had already gained a pound since birth! You go girl. She is a pretty good baby most of the time…I have stopped eating dairy because she was SUPER fussy and I thought it was something I was eating that might be giving her some terrible gas and she seems to be doing better so that may have been it?

She usually sleeps from about 10pm to 4am-ish…which is amazing…though that isn’t the case every night… there have been many!

Preston is a sweet big brother! I thought he wouldn’t like this new little girl hogging all the attention but he has been great. He gives hugs, kisses, and pats all the time and always says, “I love baby sister.” So cute.

Well, hopefully I will be back with some pictures soon. We hope you have a great 4th!


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