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Shaun’s mom came to town last week and it was LOVELY! The kids loved having grandma there to watch them, play with them, read to them and tickle them! I loved having her here too! The dishes were done, the laundry folded, dinner cooked, someone grown up to talk to…and when Preston got the stomach flu she took care of him and cleaned up his messes and quarantined me and the baby to my bedroom (which you’d think would be pretty boring…but it was actually quite nice reading, watching some conference talks, watching a little Say yes to the Dress…don’t ask why I watch that show. I have no idea why.) We were sad to see her go but luckily we will see grandma again really soon for Shaun’s GRADUATION!!!! Yes, he is finally graduating from law school next month! His last week of classes is next week and his last final, the week after that. We really can’t believe it.

Well, here are a couple pictures with grandma. Out of about 20…none of them came out perfect, just real :)

I’ll post some Easter pictures soon. Hope you all had a great one!




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