Phone Pics Part II

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I have been trying to post all these pictures on here for several days now, and I keep getting frustrated because I am getting an “error” message…I have realized that if I do shorter posts then I think I can get all the phone pictures up that I want to. You didn’t really need to know that. But I told you anyway. So you may want to start with the post below…

But here are even MORE pictures that I’ve unloaded for my phone!

 photo 20130921_152813.jpg

Dallin got into Preston’s birthday cake last year before he had a chance to see it…so I added a few extra globs of frosting to fill in the holes!

 photo 20130731_155751.jpg

We wanted to feel young again so we went to an outdoor concert with John Mayer and Phillip Phillips!! I’ve only watched a season or two of American Idol and i watched the Phillip Phillips season so I was pretty excited about that :) And the night was great except for the drunk girl behind us who, for the last half an hour, I couldn’t even hear the music over my own thought of what I would do the next time she stepped on one of us.

 photo 20130724_202117.jpg

Dallin asks Preston for hugs when he gets in the car after school and it’s precious.

 photo 20131001_150604.jpg

Tooting my own horn here…I went to my parent’s ward Chili cook off and when we were in that ward I had won two years and I didn’t want to enter into a ward that wasn’t mine…but dad insisted and woot woot…I won again! I’ve made the same chili every time! It’s a pork hominy chili recipe I found in a Cooking Light magazine from about 10 years ago! I think it’s the hominy.

 photo 20131025_185807.jpg

Can you guess what they built?

 photo 20131103_151631.jpg

Ada, asleep with a gram cracker in her mouth.

 photo 20131127_161959.jpg

Ada was naughty and was sent to her room. This is what I found. She stayed in there a lot longer after that so that no one was hurt.

 photo 20131205_190402.jpg

Halloween games at school.

 photo 20131031_090652.jpg

 photo 20131114_110909.jpg

Preston took it upon himself to plan dinner. Can you guess everything?

 photo 0402131241.jpg


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