Utah: The Drive

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Wow…just realized how many typos were in this thing…oops. Fixed now…hopefully!

At the beginning of the summer I looked at my calendar and realized that there was pretty much one week out of the whole summer where I didn’t have some sort of photo event or other thing going on and it was the same week Shaun was supposed to be at scout camp so I decided I would hop in the car and head out to Utah. This was the first time I had attempted this by myself so I was a little nervous. When we usually go to Utah we just want the drive over so we stop as few times as possible but this time I figured I could go at my own pace and we made lots of stops! I tried to stop at most view points and vistas and also at rest stops or parks…and I really think the trip was more enjoyable! It did end up taking about 2 hours longer!!! But oh well..joy in the journey right? :)

Here are some pictures from our drive:

View point at Donner Lake:
 photo ut1.jpg

I asked someone if they could take a picture for us…the lake looks really nice :)

 photo ut2.jpg

 photo ut3.jpg

Someone lost his second front tooth before we left! No more snaggle-tooth! YAY!

 photo ut4.jpg

 photo ut5.jpg

Another view point outside of Sparks, NV…not sure what we were supposed to be looking at…at the bottom was someone’s house and a bunch of old tires.

 photo ut7.jpg

 photo ut6.jpg

Stopping to clean up barf…the sky was really pretty though (and yes, I am stopped…not snapping pictures while driving…just in case anyone was wondering…)

 photo ut8.jpg

Dallin looking happy after not being covered in barf. I am pretty sure he just gagged himself with his hand. (again, not actually driving here)

 photo ut9.jpg

A park in Battle Mountain:

 photo ut10.jpg

An awesome park in Wendover full of lots of old toys…who misses the merry-go-round?!

 photo ut11.jpg

 photo ut12.jpg

 photo ut13.jpg

 photo ut14.jpg

Playing in the salt flats:

 photo ut15.jpg

 photo ut16.jpg

 photo DSC_8531.jpg

 photo ut17.jpg

And then we ended up at grandma and grandpa’s!! Everything went well and we were safe…such a blessing!

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