Utah: The Party…Part I

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Yes, we partied. ALL of the Edwards cousins (there are 9 right now) were there and we moms took the kids out all over…Bridal Veil Falls, J-dawgs, Antelope Island, Kangaroo Zoo…It just seemed there was always something going on, someone to play with, something good to eat…it was such a fun trip! We also did fun things with the rest of the family too…crab pot for Father’s Day dinner, walks, trampoline  park, games, puzzles, stories…it even snowed on the mountains one of the days we were there! I was not prepared for cold weather but it was a nice change from 100 degree weather!

And I am tired so I will only put up our Father’s Day and trip to Provo. I really wanted to visit Provo and reminisce :) So I tried to stop at as many places as I could…but eventually we ran out of steam and just wanted to get home!

Jumping on the neighbor’s trampoline:

 photo ab1-1.jpg

 photo ab3-1.jpg

 photo ab2-1.jpg

 photo ab4-1.jpg

 photo ab5-1.jpg

 photo ab6-1.jpg

Bridalveil Falls

 photo ab7-1.jpg

 photo ab8-1.jpg

 photo ab9-1.jpg

 photo ab10.jpg

 photo ab11.jpg

 photo ab12.jpg

 photo a-4.jpg

 photo ab13.jpg

 photo ab15.jpg

Creamery on 9th…it would be a sin to come to Provo and not get German Chocolate Crunch.

 photo ab16.jpg

 photo ab17.jpg

I love the Provo Temple!

 photo ab18.jpg

 photo ab19.jpg

 photo ab21.jpg

 photo ab22.jpg


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